Rent a cabin at the end of the world in Suze La Rousse

Would you like to find yourself in love in a calm, green setting, rocked by the rustling of leaves and the flow of spring water?

Would you like to enjoy a moment of complicity with your child (a timeless break)?

Then this wooden shack for 2 people will delight you.

Camping Suze Luxe Nature Camping

You can relax on the terrace in your armchairs or eat a bite on the picnic table thanks to your mini kitchenette (fridge bar, hob, microwave, coffee maker and electric kettle).

To go for a bike ride, then pass the footbridge over the creek, head to the reception desk and rent our mountain bikes or even our electric bikes on reservation.

This cabane is designed and manufactured in France.

Carefully insulated, this cabanewood source is usable all year round, thanks to an electrical auxiliary. So even in winter, remember to take a breath in the open air in our campsite.

If you wish to start with two couples, 2 duos or with adults on one side and children on the other, then we can twin the hut at the end of the world and the spring hut to reserve you a dedicated space for 4 people, where you can relax in our bubble spa hidden behind the fig tree at the foot of the stone wall of the castle ramparts street.

campsite Suze with a cabin at the end of the world
sanitary area of the campsite Suze

You can use the sanitary facilitiesunique natural stone communes.
In the main living area of the campsite are grouped the reception, the restaurant area, the swimming pool, the bike rental and access to the river, the reservation of wellness treatments: spa, Nordic bath and modelling.

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