Eco-responsible camping in the Drome

Environmentally responsible campsite and sustainable development-orientated
itinerary to Suze Luxe Nature campsite
  • At our campsite

We operate a recycling system.
We guarantee a site without cars: At our campsite you’ll be able to take in the fresh air, care for nature, take time to relax, and make your children happy. The secure car park is located on the open air hotel’s premises in an area separated with a pathway. You’ll find trolleys to carry your luggage on. Arrivals and departures do require some effort, but it’ll be worth it, and you’ll fully enjoy your holidays: No cars, no sound of motors, only children and birdsong…

Rentals selected with care
Countryside close to Suze Luxe Nature campsite
Countryside around Campsite in Provence

We select each of our rentals with special care:
Made in France where possible, or Europe, in order to guarantee quality infrastructure and short circuit transit to reduce our carbon footprint.
Deployed on stilts , no foundations, in order to limit the impact on the ground, raw materials such as cloth, wood, natural stonefor minimum impact during the product’s entire lifecycle, and for optimal countryside camouflage effect. Of course, the wood used is exclusively sourced from sustainably managed forests.
Taps are equipped with waterflow restrictors.

Restaurant at Suze La Rousse campsite
    • In our snack/bar/restaurant, we give priority tolocal products, sometimesorganic, short circuit supply

    • In our garden

We often plant local species to reinforce the sense of being right in the middle of nature.
For lighting, some terminals are connected to asolar energy system. Otherwise, LEDs are used.

We feed our green waste to our chickens and rabbits and encourage our clients, even the youngest, to do the same
We compost our organic waste in order to enrich the soil, and we encourage our clients to do the same.
We don’t use drinking water for watering and we use mulching to avoid using crop protection products.

Greenery around Campsite in Provence
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